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Slot Games   Slot machines may very well be the epitome of gambling and casinos worldwide. From James Bond movies to any television show, from novels to cartoons…when one thinks of casinos, the thought is never complete without thinking of the sound of coins jingling, bells ringing when a good line is won, and the clang of the arm being pulled down.

The online casino atmosphere may not be the same (yes, atmosphere does count) but at least in the comfort of your own home you can choose whichever “One-Armed Bandit” that you would like and never have to worry about other patrons fighting over the same machine, or giving you grief because you won the jackpot on a machine that they “just left for a moment”

The internet now provides you with the opportunity to play Slots in the coziness of your own chair without the downsides of land-based casinos. Changing the game only takes as long as it does to make one simple click of your mouse as opposed to leaving your machine and trying to find another empty one.

The variety of games, of payouts, of amounts you can play on each machine seems almost endless. For those who most enjoy playing slots when at a land based casino, online casinos are a blessing of technology.

Whether you are a die-hard slots fan, or just trying to relax from other normal games with something fun and with a lower stress level, you’ll find online slots a perfect game to just “get away from it all!”
Casino Slots Machines   Not too much can be said about the strategy of Slots…you put your cash into the machine and hope for the best. There are a few suggestions though, which may help you find the better machines and better games to play.

If you can find a machine with a payout percentage of greater than 95% it can be considered a machine worth playing. Anything lower than that, try to avoid unless it’s for pure fun and not to win.

Check the payout schedule listed on the machine. You wouldn’t want to play on a machine that “awards” you with less than you put in, or even just marginally higher.

Only play the machines you can afford to lose on. If you can only afford to play $20.00 worth of slots, you really shouldn’t head to a machine that has a lowest wager of $20.00. If you win, sure it would be great…but, knowing the odds, do you really want to gamble away the entire bankroll on one pull of the arm? You’d get much more enjoyment out of playing at nickel slots for a much longer length of time.

If you’re on a roll, roll with it. Those times that you find you win more than you lose, bet a little bit more…and play the opposite way when you see yourself on a losing streak – lower your bet!

If you find that the machine you are playing on just will NOT let you win (being inanimate objects they don’t understand the meaning of “Give Me A Break”) it’s probably time to get up, walk away and find a machine that’s a little more generous with the winnings.

Hopefully these “strategies” will be of use to you as you wander into the wonderful world of online Slots.
Enjoy Playing Slot Machines!   The number one rule of slots MUST be…have fun! One of my grandmothers favorite sayings was “if it’s not fun, it’s work” and really, who wants to work when they could be doing something they enjoy during their leisure time?

Slots is the simplest casino game there could be Whether due to, or despite, the simplicity this is also the most popular game in any casino. Playing slots is as simple as:

Inserting your money into the machine
Deciding on the amount you want to bet
Click spin and watch to see if the right symbols come up

You have a choice in the amount you want to wager. If you would like to bet the maximum, you click on the “Max Bet” button, or if you’d rather wager a small amount you can hit the “Bet 1” button and adjust the amount stay within your personal comfort level.

While playing a single line is the most commonly thought of slot, some machines and games will give you the option to play multiple lines. When this is offered you will find a button to change how many lines you play. The more lines you can play increases your chance of winning, of course, but it also raises your chance of losing a little more than a single line. It’s all personal preference and how “lucky” you feel.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy watching the spinning of the symbols as you wait to win a game of Slots!
Live Slots   One of the great things about online casinos versus their land-based counterparts is the opportunity to play in free rooms. No, slots doesn’t need the free rooms for practice as it’s such an incredibly basic game, but these rooms do provide you with the opportunity to enjoy a few spins of the arm without playing with your own money.

If you find yourself on a large losing streak and just aren’t sure that you want to continue on, yet don’t really want to stop playing (because, let’s face it, Slots is fun!) you can always run to a free room to keep playing.

Sure, if you win you can’t take home the winnings, but you certainly won’t be losing any of your hard earned cash in the process!

When it comes to winning and losing, one huge tip is to decide in advance how much of your bankroll you are willing to risk, and the amount you can afford to lose. Decide this, and stick with it! Because Slots is so simple and fun, it’s easy to lose track of how much money you may have lost in the rush of “just one more spin”. That one more spin can easily add up to 50 more spins.

A definite must to watch out for are the machines with the highest payout percentage. The higher the percentage the more you can win. While you are shopping around for a casino, shop around for the games and machines with the best payouts but that also tickle you as a fun slot to play!
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